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Frequently Asked Questions

When we receive many enquiries from customers about our Wedding Transport. We often get the same questions asked. We have compiled a list of questions that we hope may give you some answers and help you decide to use Fabulous Cars Classic Hire:-


What is included in the Wedding Car Service?

We will supply the Booked Wedding Car. It will arrive at least 15 minutes before it is booked to leave for the church or ceremony. It will be supplied with ribbons and silk flowers. It will have a complementary drink, mints, tissues and umbrellas on board. It will be driven by a smartly dressed chauffeur. The car is hired for a minimum of three hours from the time it is booked to attend the first pickup. It will convey the bridal party to the church or place of ceremony. It will remain at the ceremony location. It will then convey the bridal couple to the reception. It will be available for any photos before or after the service and later with the Bride and Groom at the reception if required. It will stay until it is released by the hirer or hirer's representative i.e. either the bride or groom (or hire time as elapsed).


Can we use the car for more than one journey?  i.e. take the bridesmaids to the ceremony before the bride.

Yes. Our prices are based on the information provided by the client. A general guideline is, a journey time of 10 minutes or less is a practical time to make two journeys. If the journey time is longer, then it means our turn around time is longer. We would have to drop off the passengers we have taken on the first trip in enough time to allow us to return for the bride. From experience we have found bridesmaids, mother of the bride etc; do not want to arrive to early and certainly not before guests and the groom.


Does the car come with Bridal ribbons and Flowers?

Yes. We will typically supply ivory or white silk flowers (neutral colours), which are colour coordinated to the colour of the car's interior. From experience we have found coloured ribbon has to match the colour scheme set by the bride, but we will make every effort to accomadate your colour scheme in the front of car ribbon bow.

Do you provide a car for the Groom?

The main wedding car could be used in conjunction with picking up the bridesmaids if required. Alternatively the Bridal car could be booked to attend an address earlier to convey the groom and the best man to the church or ceremony and then attend the address to take the bride to the ceremony. This can be pratical if the bride & grooms addresses are not too far apart, if not it usually means hiring the wedding car for a longer period but it is a better option than the expence of a second car or relying on a mini cab or taxi.


How long do we have the use of the wedding car?

Our prices quoted are based on the information provided by the client. A typical wedding car hire is about three hours, which is ample time for a wedding. This time starts from the time the car is booked to arrive at the first pickup. If the car arrives early that is our time and you will not be charged extra. Should you need the car for a longer period or there is a possibility the hiring, due to the travelling distance or time, may extend past the stated finish time, then a charge of £30 per half hour or £50 per hour or part thereof is payable. This takes the form of a holding cheque dated the day of the wedding. It is not banked and held by us and either kept if the time is exceeded or returned if the car is released on or before the finish time.


Can we view a Wedding car before we decide to book?

Yes. If fact we would be very pleased to meet you. It gives us the opportunity to meet you and discuss any arrangements. It also allows you to meet us and satisfy yourself as to the quality and condition of the car that will be used on your wedding day.


Do you book the Wedding Car for more than one wedding in the day?

Normally no. We only book each wedding car out to one wedding per day, but where a booking may constitute only part of a day i.e. a morning booking, FCCH may hire out the same vehicle in the day for a second booking. Where this happens, FCCH will allow a 2 hour gap for the car to come back to the garage before going out again.


How do we make a payment for the Wedding car?

We ask for a £100 booking fee (non-returnable) to secure the car & wedding date. The balance is due 28 days before the Wedding date. At present  payment can be made by cheque, credit card (paid securley through PayPal). We also accept Faster Payments (BACS) or cash.


How far in advance do we have to book the Wedding Car?

To avoid disappointment we suggest the sooner the better.  Most of our bookings are made between 9 months and 18 months before the wedding date.

If on the day we decide to make a detour or attend a different location, will there be an extra charge?

That will depend on the request. When you make your booking and you have given us your requirements the price is based on the distance and time we have to travel. If the detour does not involve substantial extra time or mileage and at the discretion of the chauffeur we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Will the chauffeur be dressed in a suit?

Yes. All our drivers will be dressed smartly in a suit, shirt, & tie.

If on the day we want to take extra passengers, is this OK?

We can only take the number of passengers that the car is legally allowed to carry (6 passengers). If there are spare seats in the wedding car then this is no problem.

Can we reserve a Wedding car?

We will only hold a wedding car after paying your 'Booking Fee' and completing and signing a booking form.

Do the vehicles have seat belts?

Yes -  our wedding vehicles do have rear lap seat belts, our cars are modern vehicles that have seat belts fitted as standard. See next question re children and seat belts.

Can you carry young children? Can you supply child seats or booster seats?

We cannot carry children under 3 years old in any of our classic cars. We ask that you tell us the exact age of children at the time of the wedding that may be travelling in any of our cars. We also ask that you tell the parents of any children above three that they are happy for their children to travel in our vehicles, but must supply their own child seats. New legislation came into force on 18th September 2006 making it compulsory for every child less than 12 years of age to sit in a suitable child seat or booster cushion. Vehicle drivers are legally responsible for ensuring children less than 14 years of age are properly restrained in the vehicle. Our modern vehicles equipped with seat belts may be able to accommodate child seats but we reserve the right to fit such seats if in our opinion the seat may cause scuffing or indentations to the leather seating and make the vehicle unusable for future wedding use. 

How many people will be able to travel in the car?

Our modern cars can only carry the amount of passengers designed for the car and is governed by the number of seat belts, the Imeprial can carry six passengers.

Will you do Civil Ceremonies and non Church of England Weddings?

We are available for any denomination or style of wedding including single sex weddings. We realise that some non C of E weddings involve having our services for a longer period you would need to tell and discuss your arrangements so that we are aware of your requirements and able to give you an exact cost of the hiring.

What areas do you cover?

We cover a 30 mile radius of Misterton.  We will attend locations in parts of West Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire. Some of our cars are able to travel further to other counties. If the wedding is not local to our premises there would be a supplement on the prices shown depending on the time and distance travelled .Please bear in mind that for us to attend a wedding some distance away we have to allow nearly twice the normal travelling time to ensure we arrive at the booked time. We may also have to allow time to clean the car if it has dirty on route. This all adds to the cost of the hiring.

Will you arrive at the home address in time for photos etc?

It is part of our service to show an arrival time on the booking form 15 minutes before we are required to leave. This allows any photos or video to be taken if required. It also gives you peace of mind that the wedding car has arrived for your departure in plenty of time and not at the last-minute that might cause you some anxiety.

Could you pick up the groom and best man before The Bride?

Yes. This can be arranged  using the wedding car prior to it collecting the bride. The second option would depend on time and distance required. Your requirements would need to be discussed and advice given as to each situation.

Can we supply our own drink or champagne in the car?

Yes. The wedding car will have a complementary drink (non-alcoholic) on board. Should you wish to supply your own drink then we have to make sure that suitable receptacles are in the car to prevent spillage etc.

Are any of your Wedding cars self drive

No. We only supply chauffeur driven vehicles.

If we have to cancel or postpone the wedding do we have to pay the full balance?

This depends on when you tell us that the wedding has been cancelled or postponed. If you tell us (in writing) before the balance date which is 28 days before the wedding you will only lose the booking fee paid. If you tell us after the 28 day period then the balance has to be paid in full.

Is it cheaper for a weekday wedding?

Most of our weddings are on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. If your wedding is on a weekday Monday to Thursday the hire price will be the same. Some discounts may be available during the winter months, please ask on your 'Booking Enquiry'.

Should we tip the Chauffeur?

This is a decision for you. Your chauffeur will give you a personal service and attend to any requirements or queries that you should need. This is far beyond that given by a taxi driver for which a gratuity is normally given. He also will be with you for a longer period. Should you feel that his service is above and beyond your expectations than any gratuity would be received with thanks and appreciation?

Our Ceremony and Reception is at the same venue. Is the cost of the car hire cheaper?

Unfortunately not. We still have to supply a wedding car with chauffeur, this includes valeting the interior, washing and polishing the exterior and preparing the car with bridal livery. We must include the travelling time to and from the wedding. The car is only booked for your wedding on that day whether a full wedding or a single journey. 

Do you run all through the Year?

Yes, with the exception of the Christmas and New Year Bank holidays. We may give a discount for weddings between 1st November and 31st March.

What if the Wedding Car becomes unserviceable before the wedding Day?

We try to insure this situation never happens. Unfortunately with all the care and cost spent on our cars this could still happen. If your car is unable to attend your wedding prior to the wedding day you will be informed immediately and offered another vehicle from those available. If you are not happy with the replacement vehicle we will try to source another vehicle from a reputable company to replace ours. Monies will be paid for the replacement vehicle by us or if this arrangement is not satisfactory we will return in full all monies paid.

What if the Wedding car breaks down on the Wedding day?

All of our wedding cars are regularly serviced, treated with care and maintained in excellent condition. By the very nature of the vehicle they are not used like normal vehicles and remain garaged when not in use. Although we may be able to supply an alternative vehicle this may be some distance away and we are faced with the dilemma for the bride to wait and may be late for the ceremony  or to arrange  to use another vehicle that is close at hand. We would then arrange if possible for the breakdown services to attend the vehicle and hopefully the vehicle could then attend the service for onward travel to the reception.

What if the Wedding car is delayed on arriving at the Brides house?

By the very nature of our service we have to allow much more time than it would normally take to travel to the first booked address. If possible we check with traffic reports. We also if possible avoid motorways so if there is a delay we are then able to turn around and find an alternative route. Should a problem occur that is beyond our control we will always contact you and explain the situation?

Will you travel any distance?

It can become impracticable both in time and cost to the customer to travel  great distances. We will always recommend and discuss your wedding arrangements with you before hand.

Do you supply umbrellas?

Yes. All cars have umbrellas on board.

I hope these  questions and answers  help you with any queries you may have about the service we supply. Should you still have any concerns we will be happy to discuss any matters by contacting our office on 01427-891769.



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